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Volume One: The Old Gods and Little More

In a time long before Kalee's fame,
When the old gods reigned without shame,
Inashtay, the god of all things bright,
Grants life to his lesser gods with his might.

Of actions and consequences of that time,
We know so little, not even in rhyme.
But perhaps one day we'll uncover the truth,
And the story of those demigods will come to light, forsooth!

Volume Two: Children of Shadows and Silence

But the child of Shtaka and Thassa went astray,
Lost to the nether, or somewhere else, so they say.
Shtaka and Thassa searched far and searched wide,
But found no trace of their child, oh how much they cried.

Lathar and Namarath, the gods of earth and sky,
Had a child too, but oft ignored him with a sigh.
This demigod, named Tal Dornus, was left all alone,
Hiding in a world that was yet to be known.

Together they created all mortal life,
To keep their son happy, to help avoid strife.
But little did they know, this sudden creation,
Would bring forth new gods, with great elation

Shtaka's jealousy drove him to a dark place,
An event he keeps hidden, it brings him disgrace.
His actions right now, not terribly clear,
But such is the way when guided by fear!

Now Dornus saw mother perish before eyes,
Struck by a great spear from the skies.
Her body trapped in icy mountains, so cold,
Dornus vowed to bring her back, so brave and so bold.

Inashtay, confused and lost in its own universe,
Punished Shtaka and Thassa, for better or worse.
Transformed into giant snails, they were sent to the scene,
To the last resting place of the spear so keen.

Mortal life led to a new realm, so vast,
And the god of death oversaw the cycle, at last.
As life filtered out to the planets so bright,
The gods of old watched, but not all with delight.

Volume Three: The Rise of Lesser Things

In a land where new gods now maintain peace,
Dornus plots a scheme with such ease.
To repower his mother, he must find
The souls of beings left behind.

The souls, indeed, of those she made,
To give them back to her before she must fade,
Fed through portals they once built for his glee,
But first, he had to extract them, you see.

With no care for the victor in sight,
Dornus started a war with all of his might,
Enlisting Keridral for this evil scheme,
With promises of eternal life and a child of his own, it would seem.

And an automaton army, powered by souls under strife
Were lead by Keridal to to take as much life,
As was needed to bring back this dormant old god
Such death and destruction, how awful, how odd.

But a young boy called Hark was saved,
By the one with flowing pink hair, so brave,
With Thassa's help, he returned in time,
As a mighty bird, oh so divine!

He flew back to his past, now a druid of might,
To save Kaa'Riin, from a dark and perilous plight.
Despite his best efforts, he couldn't save all,
Se'Kosh and Zenari trapped in the mountain god's thrall,

Tal Dornus knew of Hark's great power,
Though their connection is still unknown at this hour,
But it seems Keridral had been sent,
To retrieve someone, it's just not clear why yet.

Edril and Alasaway discovered the plan,
And desperate to stop and end to their land,
One would give all, love, life and laughter,
by sending himself to the hereafter!

It was Edril's sacrifice that led to the news
Of this cavernous place where the souls would be used
This gave his wife time, to summon the gods,
to call for their help, to even the odds.

Through their tattoos, they could speak once more,
A message of hope from a far away shore,
It cost him two wives, two daughters, and then,
he was blamed for the war he had brought to an end.

Alasaway sent the souls to the heart they were meant to revive,
And secured them there, where they'd be kept alive.
Thirteen locks protected her spell, an illusionary door,
And Shtaka and Thassa vowed to protect them, forevermore.

Volume Four: Repercussion and Rest

In the land of Kalee, trouble still brews,
As Alasaway returns to her people, feeling the blues.
Her kind have been blamed for the war,
And their relationships have been brought to the fore.

Polyamory, once accepted with glee,
Was banned, causing oh so much misery.
The changeling society, in hiding they fled,
To the Fortress of the Orchestral Sands instead.

Some stayed behind, but oh what a shame,
For an untrustworthy reputation they gained.
Then watchtowers appeared, strong and tall,
Powered by an unknown source, they protected them all!

They could detect what belongs on Kalee's land,
And what does not, with support from Triton's hand.
But beneath them, a spider had a strange fate,
Affected by power, it grew at great rate.

Harkon the druid, searched for signs of Dornus' return,
At the Library of Vasinor, he endeavours to learn.
He searched high and low, far and wide,
But at the Library of Vasinor, nothing he spied.

Then came Queen Sa'Shal and her love,
And a daughter was born, sent from above?
Her name was Freya, a gift to behold,
For Kalee's future, her destiny was foretold.

Volume Five: Return of the Sun

Dornus has a plan, oh yes indeed,
To take control, he'll sow the seed.
Justicars beware, he's up to no good,
Replacing their members with golems he could.

He's building an army, oh my, oh me,
Dividing souls until they're no longer free.
Tales of creatures made from multiple parts,
Spreading fear and dread in Kalee's hearts.

But oh, what's this? A showman in search,
Of quirks and curiosities, oh what a perch!
He discovers Shtaka and Thassa, oh my,
And tries to convince them to join his show, oh why?

Shtaka feels guilty, his wife is trapped,
He convinces her to leave, but his heart is snapped.
He can't escape, he's too big you see,
Trapped in the world he created, dear me!

Meanwhile, Dornus sends Keridral and his daughter,
To seed unrest at the Fortress, a coup without slaughter!
They turn the people against their leaders, oh my,
And send Freya's father to the catacombs to die.

Shamu the chef sees prisoners starve,
He feeds them and saves them, with food that he carves.
In time he will help them all survive this great blow,
With cheese, pasta, and sauce, and some potato!

But above in The Fortress of the Orchestral Sands,
Power is shifting quickly between hands
And one reaches out and hopes for a friend
But no friend is found, is this Freya's end?

Pushed out of The Fortress, by something quite new,
Replaced rather quickly, no further ado!
A new princess above, the old one below
And the Fortress fades away, now where did it go?

Freya survives and finds her way,
To the city of Cardisan, where for now, she will stay.
Queen Sa'Shal is suspicious of the new 'Freya',
And sets to uncover what is under each layer...

This new Freya, with decaying souls to hide,
Uses a mint fragrance, to cover inside.
But smell cannot cover the darkness within,
She'll surely be beaten for her horrible sin.

But sadly So'Shal fails to see, fails to find,
any part of the plan, even with help from dear Thine,
And Keridral sees a chance to draw the old queen away,
to save all of her people, with him she must stay!

Now, in years to follow, there will be some reprise
Love will fight through, and save her from demise,
A shield from the past, for a moment she's free,
In the arms of the good dwarf, his name? Fohnati!

They married in secret, against the law,
But for at least one god, it wasn't a flaw,
And with the conspiracy already in play,
It's anyone's guess what happens next, hip hooray!

Volume Six: The Lessons
"I wanted to be like her, and then I was."
In the streets of Cardisan, Freya roamed,
With no one to turn to, nowhere to call home.
Until she found herself at an orphanage small,
Self-funded and struggling, it was no help at all.

Her time there was filled with dashed hope and dreams,
Until an opportunity arose, or so it would seem.
A well-to-do family wished for a child to call their own,
So Freya shapechanged and became the one they'd been shown.

This meant that another child was overlooked,
And for that, Freya's conscience was deeply shook.
The family, not happy, was oft filled with strife,
And Freya was alone, although with Thine in her life.

With his help, she found the courage to leave that place,
To roam the streets once more, with a familiar face.
Older and more skilled, but perhaps not wiser yet,
Freya faced the world alone, bound by regret.

She returned to the place where the orphans still lived,
And set to free them from those who kept them deprived,
The Matron was evil, The Madam was worse,
Freya knew she must act, or things could only get worse.

One day, The Matron 'fell' down the stairs,
And Freya knew, she must now quickly prepare,
For The Madam's wrath, would bring such disorder,
So she ran away, with her good friend. Jorda.

Together they thieved, and caused some small crimes,
Until Freya stumbled upon a magical portal, sublime!
It led her to places far and wide,
And a city with Elven towers, that opened her eyes.

Freya was so enamored, she wanted to stay,
But the guards chased her out, she must get away!
But discovered and scared, she had to think fast,
And so she shapeshifted into the king, to escape at last.

Back in Cardisan, Jorda was taken away,
By The Madam's cruel brother, Freya knew they must pay.
She snuck into their hideout, and what did she see,
But Jorda being hurt, most painfully!

The Madam made a deal, oh what a sight,
Freya must steal the sword or face a fight.
So she snuck in and took the sword with glee,
But was chased by the Mentieth, the one man army!

Freya was brave and quick on her feet,
But she couldn't save Jorda from a painful defeat.
The Madam wanted the sword and all the children too,
But Freya fought back and killed her brother, woo hoo!

Yes, Freya fought bravely, and killed the man with sausage-like hands,
But she was caught by Keridral's daughter, who had other plans.
She knew that her father had Freya dead,
so she gave up young Freya, to Dornus, instead.

But Freya's sword was not lost, oh no,
It had a fate and a purpose to show.
But how this all happened, we have not yet seen,
So stick around, dear reader, you'll see what we mean!

And The Madam's power grew, through Dornus' might,
He raised her building up, to a towering height!
He planned to use the portal within,
to bring through his army and cause such a din!

And so it ends, our tale so true,
With Freya captured, and what will she do?
Will she escape, and save the day,
Or will Dornus rule, and have his way?

Events beyond this point occur in our first chapter: The Amnesia Chronicles
WARNING: This timeline is up to date with the series. Spoilers everywhere if you're not caught up!

Volume Seven: The Amnesia Chronicles

Trapped in a cage on a beach,
In the land of Mendalin, out of reach,
Dornus prepares his army to invade Kalee,
Morrigan sees an owl on the metal frame, oh my, my, my.

Her memories appear erased or at least stolen,
But the owl becomes a bear and tears the cage open,
Two others they rescue, and run to be free
But Harkon must stay, "Get to the Harpy!"

A mighty fight starts between two foes of old
One a child of gods, the other unknown,
who fights with desperation, fights with all might,
But Dornus has heavenly friend, oh what a fright!

On The Harpy's Howl flying ship they flee,
But Dutch turns on his own sailors with a killing spree,
The girls break loose and search through strange chests,
And soon face Dutch, who asks, "Who the **** are you?" Oh, he's unimpressed.

Then they meet Lewt, who's nice and oh so cute,
They battle golems and dismantle them with a little dispute,
Giant tentacles pluck the ship from the air,
And the girls collect gems as they discuss Kaa'Riin's hair.

Oh, what a tale, oh what a plight
The gems flew free in the midst of a fight
The girls indeed, they wanted them all
But the tentacles had also come to call

In the midst of the fray, gems flew left and right,
The beast grabbed for an axe, and held it quite tight
This thing wanted magic, or so it would seem
But Kaa'Riin was not ready for that creature's dream!

Then Dutch fell overboard, oh what a sight!
And saw a creature with a face of bluish-purple light,
A powerful being, newly freed,
Strengthened by gems, it had come to receive.

Pulled from the water, Dutch struggled for air
Lewt was distraught, begged the others to care
Dutch had told Lewt not to share his great talent
But as he watch his friend struggle he did not feel so gallant.

The ship ran aground, near a watchtower tall
Where a last golem sailor swiftly met his downfall
The girls rushed to Shenanigans pub to rest
With Lewt and Dutch, all feeling distressed

Now, the girls set about a less fearsome quest to be made
to the market for Autumn Root, new shoes, and Sniffleshade,
Because during the night their items were lifted
By two little thieves who knew who they'd grifted!

In the market they found what they'd been sent to find,
But the thieves were about, and the stars would align!
Two blonde-haired girls, looking familiar but new
Running away, what would our heroes do?

Well first, a series of statues they found,
some broken right down to the ground
where Morgan found her own stoney face
staring right back at her, so out of place!

But then they did chase, then they did follow!
The guards caught the thieves, an ending quite hollow
Especially when they escaped they escaped with a trick
Changing genders and playing so sweet, oh how slick!

The girls returned to heal Dutch from his slumber
Truth be known, Lewt had already stolen their thunder,
But rise Dutch pretended, Lewt's secret still safe
And thanks the girls then for saving the day!

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