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      When I first heard Cory was to be our new boss I was a hard no on wanting to work for him. I hadn't met him and no one had said anything bad about him - I just didn't want him coming in and disrupting my stable world. I'm under the illusion that I'm perfect and do not appreciate other ways of doing things.

      Cory is a unique individual who is extremely creative, intelligent and quick-witted and upon meeting him I fell in instant like. I couldn't believe how much I just liked this man. He would pride himself on not being friends with the people he worked with but I wasn't having a bar of it. My stubborn attitude had been refocused and I was determined to make this man call me his friend. While he resisted for a while he let the word "friend" slip one day and there was no going back. He left not long after that but I like to secretly think he built this world not only for Coops but so there was a world we could be friends that wasn't restricted by our jobs!
      Stacey, (Kaa'Riin)
      The thing Cory values most is his family (he is a seriously amazing father) and this whole show started as something for his son. He is incredibly creative, has a fantastic work ethic and is hyper focused where his passions take him - which is why this podcast is of such a high quality.

      Honestly, Cory is kind of a kindred spirit, and I look to him as something to aspire to. We have all of these traits in common and I hope that in 20 years I am able to focus my energies in such a wonderful and productive way.
      Alana, (Morrigan)
      Sharing his strong and empowering personal values through storytelling is a true talent that Cory possesses. Although the purpose of our podcast was to share with his beautiful son, so much joy has been brought to him (and us) through the connections and inclusiveness he has formed.

      From day dot, Cory has been a someone who stands up for what is right, which is represented in his storytelling, and how he supports the creativity of others.
      Indy, (Freya)
      Frequently Given Answers
      Yes, he can predict a small percentage of the girls' shenanigans.
      No, he will not sing for you.
      Feel free to reach out!
      We're actually pretty nice.
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