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      It'd be easy to hate Stacey, she has so much going for her, but if I had to pick one thing - and I do, it'd be how quick her loyalty springs into action. This one will jump to your defense faster than the speed of sound. You read that right - she will defend you before you finish telling her what happened. You gotta love that! I sure do.

      She also immeasurably funny. How immeasurable? On a scale of 1 to 10? Do you not know what immeasurable means?
      Cory, The DM
      Stacey should be a feminist icon. Honestly. She was the first friend I made as an adult and I feel very lucky for that. She is incredibly intelligent, compassionate and fierce - a fantastic role model for a young woman finding her feet in the world. Stace is one of those people who truly lives their lives. She travels, hikes, goes out with friends, plays DnD, watches tv, eats gummy bears loudly...she does it all.

      You thought Kaa-Riin was impressive? She ain't got nothing on this lady.
      Alana, (Morrigan)
      Stacey's strong beliefs are highlighted through her caring and loving nature in everything she does, not just her actions in the game. She is the 'hostess with the mostess', as she always throws the most welcoming Christmas party of the year.

      One thing that stands out when I think of Stacey is her style. Not only her personal style, but the style running through her stunning house (which we will always be in love with and never stop drooling over).
      Indy, (Freya)
      Frequently Given Answers
      Yes, she is that funny all the time.
      No, she doesn't do half the stuff Kaa'Riin does. But she does think it!
      Feel free to reach out!
      We're actually pretty nice.
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