Meet the team
      You know those people who don't know how cool they are? And, you know how those people are almost always 'givers' in life, rather than 'takers'? Alana is that type of person - but she doesn't know it. The rest of us do though!

      She loves what we do, throws herself into it every single time we play, always goes with the curve ball, and my favourite thing to hear as I'm reading through some new introduction to a scene is Alana saying, "that's awesome" even if it isn't exactly the best thing for her character! Imagine having to play an individual as complex as Morrigan, and yet there was never a doubt in my mind she'd nail it!
      Cory, The DM
      Alana's logistics get us through. Her mind works wonders when strategically getting us out of those 'sticky situation'. She's not only like this in the game but in our everyday environments. Her kind and generous personality guides us through and is something we are always thankful for.

      Her jam is reading and even more of her jam is sharing her books and enjoyment of them with others (which you can enjoy too through her book club). She is so humble and has the most amazing sense of empathy. Her ears are always open, which is truly an amazing quality to have.
      Indy, (Freya)
      You know the saying "like a well oiled machine"? Alana is the oil. And she does it well. This not only applies to the game but also at work. We would be lost without her. She is a strong, grounded person who never gives into peer pressure because she knows who she is and what she believes in.

      She told me once I couldn't have one of her biscuits and in that moment I had never respected someone more.

      If you have an Alana consider yourself very very lucky.
      Stacey, (Kaa'Riin)
      Frequently Given Answers
      Yes, she a pyromaniac
      No, she doesn't know if she's real or not.
      Feel free to reach out!
      We're actually pretty nice.
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