The Timeline
This is the mostly chronological order of events so far in the land of Kalee, and beyond.
WARNING: This timeline is not yet up to date, but it will be soon. Spoilers everywhere if you're not caught up!

Volume One: The Old Gods and Little More
"Can you imagine being the father of all things?
Or the mother, for that matter?"
In the beginning
Our story begins long before Kalee even had a name, in the time of the old gods and little more. Here, Inashtay - the god of all things - grants life in the form of demigods to his lesser gods, Shtaka and Thassa (the gods of space and time), and Lathar and Namarath (the gods of sky and earth), although not at the same instance.

We know little about the actions and consequences of this era.

Volume Two: Children of Shadows and Silence
"I will raise you, mother."
Told in Flashbacks and Stories
In time, the child of Shtaka and Thassa becomes lost, while the child of Lathar and Namarath is oft ignored, although perhaps without intent.

Shtaka and Thassa begin their search through all the boundaries of their realms but their efforts bear no fruit. The child of Lathar and Namarath, the demigod Tal Dornus, is left hiding in a world that would soon be called Kalee, searching for meaning amongst shadows. His parents, often lost in their own desires, create mortal life in an attempt to keep him entertained but instead, this new life, through their own belief systems, creates new gods (light, storm and will) and rebels against their creators.

Here occurs an event that Shtaka maintains guilt over. He does not yet speak of it in great depth, but it brings him shame and both he and his wife Thassa, are punished. Jealousy drives his questionable actions.


Dornus, however, witnesses the death of his mother at the ends of a great celestial spear of light. Her collapsing frame becomes trapped within a mighty range of icy mountains, her body forming great caverns below. Dornus swears he will raise her again.

The great god Inashtay, already becoming confused and lost within its own universe, punishes Shtaka and Thassa for their part, whatever that may be, and binds them to physical forms. They choose the forms of giant snails, although their reasoning is also, still unknown. They are sent to the site of the crime for which Inashtay holds them responsible, the last resting place of the spear in the mountain.


The creation of mortal life leads to a new realm, and the remaining god of Inashtay's reign, is sent to oversee the lands of death and return as the first cycle of mortality begins and life filters out to the planets.

Volume Three: The Rise of Lesser Things
"Mother, is that you?"
Told in Flashbacks, Stories and Episode 6.1
As the new gods maintain peace amongst mortals, Dornus uncovers a method to repower his his mother by returning the souls of the beings she helped create. He plans to direct them to her through the portals they had once built for him to explore Kalee, but first he must extract them. He begins a war with no interest in the victor, just intent on creating immeasurable death.

The first battle almost destroys the Kalashtari people, with Dornus enlisting the support of Keridral with the promise of eternal life, and the offer of a child - a daughter, she of many souls, and many names. Keridral commands an automaton army that follows his wishes, each soldier powered by a soul offered under duress, given to protect the families of each warrior. The army, originally built by the grand wizard The Krujiane completes the massacre without the loss of a single machine.
In this time, a young boy called Hark is saved by another daughter, the offspring of the leader of the Kalashtari people Edril Saven. She helps him escape to a forest where he runs ahead of her, out of sight. In that precise moment, with the help of Thassa (god of time), he returns from the future to the only place where he could make a difference to the time line. He returns in the form of a mighty bird - a favourite shape of a boy who has spent over 400 years becoming a druid of substantial ability. The daughter he saves is Blaise Kaa'Riin. Despite using Thassa's visions of time, he is unable to find a way to save Kaa'Riin's husband Se'Kosh and their daughter Zenari. Their souls become trapped in the heart of the dead mountain god. Noteably, it is Kaa'Riin's pet cat Mr Pickles who initially saves her life from Lord Keridral before being lost in the fire that removes the Kalashtari homeland from Kalee's records.

It would also seem Tal Dornus is aware of the power of the boy. There is evidence of a further connection between them but it is not yet made clear. It does seem that Keridal has been sent to retrieve either the boy, or perhaps even Kaa'Riin.


Kaa'Riin's family, a polyamorous one, includes the leader of a society of Changelings. Alasaway uncovers Dornus' plan through her studies, and at the final battle between Keridral's army of automatons and those representing the first Justicars, she redirects the souls intended for the dead god, and secures them within the heart they were sent to revive before they can feed the remainder of Namarath's body. Alasaway creates an illusionary door with thirteen locks to protect her spell. Seeing this, the gods Shtaka and Thassa, banished to this very place vow to protect these trapped souls.

It was the sacrifice of Edril Saven that led to the discovery of this place, the cavernous insides of the mountain god. By ending his own life, his soul was swept through a portal within an ancient church, where he was able to share his location with Alasaway through the power of their tattoos, that normally enable transmission of messages between the living over short distances, but also grant a last chance for those who are near the realm of death to speak to loved ones once more.

Volume Four: Repercussion and Rest
"And each time it is you who saves me."
Told in Flashbacks and Stories
When Alasaway returns to her people, she discovers they have been blamed for the war by those looking for political gain. Her people are shunned and even her relationship with Kaa'Riin's father is brought into question. Polyamory is banned among the people of Kalee and the changeling society, increasingly mistreated by the other foundations of Kalee's once trusting society, goes into hiding within the Fortress of the Orchestral Sands. Some changelings remain in greater Kalee, but a reputation for being untrustworthy sadly follows them.


It is during this time that the watchtowers are first implemented. They sprout up around Kalee's borders and draw their power from an unknown source. With the ability to detect what life belongs on Kalee, and what does not, they have defended the land (with the support of the Triton wizards) for centuries. The very same power source also has an unusual impact on a spider living beneath the towers...


For nearly 400 years, the sole survivor of the Kalashtari massacre was thought to be Harkon, but there were others - those who had become trapped in their wildshape form as they escaped Keridral's army as bears. Harkon too was an inspired druid and becomes a trusted advisor to the Justicars of different regions, particularly the elves of Inyeth Lenora. Indeed, he attends the presentation to society of the Princess Morrigan, who subsequently falls down the stairs revealing her underwear. The embarrassment follows her for years. She hears whispers at this ceremony at this time and assumes they are about her fall. They are not.

Harkon continues searching for the signs of Dornus' return and uncovers fragments of the demigod's plans. He believes Alasaway is likely to have uncovered more and begins his search at the Library of Vasinor but without success.


It is near this time that Alasaway's descendant, Queen Sa'Shal Firelli and her husband Ja'Hann Orratte give birth to a daughter, Freya.

Volume Five: Return of the Sun
The Peppermint princess
"Did I do well father?"
Told in Flashbacks, Stories and Episode 6.1
Dornus' plan is to take control of the Justicars by replacing some of their members with replica golems imbued with pieces of the original member's soul - or by other nefarious means. The council, wary of stories from the past war, are desperate to avoid war but if Donrus can 'stack the deck' he may be able to force them into another deadly exchange. He has been building an army of golems, constantly dividing souls until little of the original is left. With each separation though, they become less viable. Tales of creatures made from the parts of multiple individuals begin to spread along the coast of Kalee. Again, Dornus plans to bring death to the plains at the foot of his mother's mountain range while transferring the souls to her heart, currently unaware that Shtaka and Thassa are defending the trap within.
Meanwhile, while searching the world for quirks and curiosities to display at his show, the great showman, Alastair Gonalas Alejandro of the Cirque du Sholeil hears rumours of unique creatures in caverns beneath the mountains. He discovers Shtaka and Thassa and tries to convince them to join his show. Shtaka, still feeling guilty that his own actions have trapped his wife, convinces her to leave but then implies that he cannot escape because of his size. Whether this is true or not is unknown, but he does not leave with her, and Shtaka is trapped in the service of the showman and his travelling circus. In the years that follow, Shtaka notices the increase of spiders in the mountain god's caverns and a running battle with their matriarch begins.


Seeing another opportunity to secure a vote at the council of the Justicars, one that would likely come as some surprise, Dornus sends Keridral and his daughter to seed unrest at the Fortress. While 400 years and more have passed, Keridral is still the same individual, but disguises this by representing himself as a descendant. While untrusted by many, Freya's godfather Thine welcomes Keridral to the Fortress. He is quick to regret this decision but Keridral promises to return the changeling people to the world of Kalee, and they follow his lead. He turns the people against their leaders, most notably Freya's father Ja'Hann who he has convicted for concocted crimes. Ja'Hann is sent to the catacombs beneath The Fortress and left to die.

There are not many who survive the catacombs, in fact, it would appear those in the Fortress are not entirely aware of their existence, mostly believing them to be rumours or lies. Nonetheless, the prison seems to have a large amount of 'guests' - many of whom are left to starve to death. The internship of a loxodon chef called Shamu sees far more prisoners begin to survive the horrors of their incarceration.

Meanwhile, Keridral's daughter, a being created in the body of a changeling but bound by a mix of decaying souls, is sent to remove and replace the young Freya. She casually pushes her from the Fortress and then assumes her form. The Fortress fades from view, and Freya is left alone in the Orchestral Sands. She survives, although that story is yet to be told, and finds her way to the city of Cardisan.

Her mother is highly suspicious of 'Freya' but Keridral, in an effort to consolidate power, forces Queen Sa'Shal into a new marriage, implying that she will be saving the lives of her people. Thine encourages her to obey, if only so they can both uncover the conspiracy that is already in play. His plan fails though, and the Keridral line's strength over the Fortress grows.

It is unknown whether Sa'Shal ever truly believed in the new 'Freya' but it is questionable, as she feels no reason to stay at the Fortress, and returns the Castle Galeth, Keridral's stronghold, as a reluctant partner. The new Freya continues to cover the odour of her decaying souls using a mint fragrance, as she begins her rule.

Keridral sets a bodyguard for Sa'Shal, although it is So'Shal that convinces him to do so. While the first is mysteriously killed, the second, a dwarven man called Fohnati, falls in love with the Queen. They are married in secret, against the laws of the land, but in favour of at least one god...

Volume Six: The Lessons
"I wanted to be like her, and then I was."
Told in Flashbacks, Stories, Episode 6.2, and The Adventures of Shamu and Smudge (Patreon only episode)
In Cardisan, Freya struggles to find help until she is taken to the city's self-funded orphanage. Her years here are filled with dashed hopes and when an opportunity arises for a well to do family to adopt a child, Freya shapechanges and becomes the child they want... for a while. This does mean another child is overlooked.

Unfortunately, the family is not a happy one and Freya spends much of her time alone except for the memory of her godfather, Thine, who seems able to be speak with her in some form. He helps her find the courage to escape to the streets again, older, more skilled, but probably not wiser.

Returning to the orphanage. Freya begins to make a connection between the matron who overseas the children and one of Cardisan's criminal entities, The Madam. Freya decides to free the children from The Matron and pushes the pompous woman to her death at the base of the orphanage's central's staircase.

Freya begins a friendship with one of the slightly older children, Jorda, and together they provide for the orphans through petty crime. When the Madame becomes aware of The Matron's death, she sends her brother (known throughout the town as the 'sausage-fingered man') to retrieve them both and offer them a deal. He easily captures Jorda (who is otherwise well on his way to being 'friend-zoned') as Freya is trying to show them something quite unique, a long forgotten portal hidden by illusions on the outskirts of the city, a place she found during her nights alone in Cardisan. It becomes clear that Freya has been using the portal to visit new places. Her favourite being a beautiful city of Elven Towers, where she has uncovered a royal treasury of sorts. On this particular night, she is herself discovered and barely escapes from the city guards. Strangely, she chooses to shapeshift into the Elven King, having seen his statue as one of the ten surrounding the portal. It is a terrible plan. Incidentally, this just happens to be one of Morrigan's parents too. I'm not sure anybody has made this connection yet.

When she returns to Cardisan, she tracks Jorda and his assailant back to a dark, two story building. She sneaks by a sleeping Minty without considering the familiar aroma in the air, perhaps driven by her need to save a friend. Tragically, he is being tortured for information, and has already lost an eye. In time, this eye will be given to The Being of Many Eyes who will share Jorda's vision, unless an eye patch blocks the view! The Madam makes Freya a deal, return to the treasury, retrieve The Sword of Deception, and return it. Freya hears most of the instructions…

Freya is able to steal the Sword of Deception and is chased from the scene by the newly appointed Captain Mentieth on the command of the newly empowered Queen Morrigan – who Freya does not see but does hear. She also sees two elves purporting to be the old Queen and King in the prison beneath Inyeth Lenora. Even though she has previously shapeshifted into the king, she does not recognize him, such as the damage done to him by his incarceration. She witnesses Mentieth leach the soul of the usurped Queen using a spell, the Royal tattoo and an empty gem.

Not too long after this a chef called Shamu, a mouse called Smudge, and a feisty mother called Sebille steal a magical recipe book from a well-known, exclusive restaurant called Flurrf. Both Shamu and Smudge find their way to the catacombs beneath the Fortress of the Orchestral Sands having also stolen Inyeth Lenora's famous Wheel of Cheese. But back to Freya…

Freya does return for Jorda, but refuses to hand over the Sword of Deception. She uses it to help Jorda escape but they achieve only a short reprieve from The Madam's anger. Freya's exploits now include the theft of the sword, but a fame comes with risks. The Madame decides to take them all down and sends hands to begin the task. He finds and threatens Jorda. But Freya performs a sneak attack successfully and kills the Sausage-Fingered Man. Lurking in the shadows, Keridral's daughter, who has been working with both Dornus and The Madam, recognises Freya. Knowing her potentials as a Justicar due to her royal heritage, she captures her and delivers her to Dornus. This success convinces Dornus to strengthen The Madam's power in Cardisan and begins to raise her building, emerging floor by floor from beneath Cardisan, into an immense tower. He plans to use it to transfer his army of golems through its newly acquired portal, once the watch towers are destroyed.

Here Freya's exceptional sword would appear lost. And yet it isn't. That does seem odd, doesn't it?

The Madam retrieves her brother's lifeless body and embarks upon plans to return him to life - some form of life, that is.

It is unknown at this stage how Kaa'Riin falls into Dornus's hands. But it occurs here in our story. Harkon, however, does manage to track her down, and there is a small clue as to how this occurs in the very first episode when Dornus says, "You've done everything I need" to Harkon as they fight on the beach in Mendalin…
Events beyond this point occur in our first chapter: The Amnesia Chronicles
WARNING: This timeline is up to date with the series. Spoilers everywhere if you're not caught up!

Volume Seven: The Amnesia Chronicles
"You've done everything I need"
Told in Flashbacks, Stories and Chapter One
Episode One - Throw it into the Sea:
Trapped in a cage on a beach in the nearby land of Mendalin, where Dornus prepares his army to invade Kalee, Morrigan sees an owl land on the metal frame. He doesn't appear surprised that she fails to recognize him. Her memories appear erased or at least stolen. He shifts into a bear and tears the cage apart, freeing her. Together, they find Kaa'Riin and repeat the action. Upon finding Freya, Harkon exclaims, "I should have known", as he pulls her free. Harkon directs them to one of the ships preparing to leave and invade Kalee. He sacrifices himself to Dornus to buy time for the three escapes to board the ship, although Dutch, who has become the ship's captain as a mercenary, swiftly has his golem sailors throw them in the dark brig below. Don't worry, it's all part of his plan!
Dornus violently attacks Harkon, who tries to counter the dark magic used by trying to switch to any animal that were helping be free. Instead, Dawnus calls upon the power of an unknown God. And together they bind hark on into a combined form between beasts. Part owl, part bear. It's totally possible and we thought of it first. Harkon is overwhelmed by Dornus and his forces, and is captured however Dutch believes his old friend has been lost forever.

On board the flying ship called The Harpy's Howl that is now crossing the stormy Catalidian, Dutch begins an attack against his own sailors, having already killed the guards below deck. Meanwhile, the heroes below, having just met, break free of the brig. Strangely, and without feeling the need to question how or why, Freya, Morrigan and Kaa'Riin find familiar weapons in three suspiciously placed chests, we are yet to discover how they all got here, or how Freya doesn't find her bow. But trust me, there's a reason.

They find their way to the flying ship's deck, where Dutch says, "Where the **** have you princesses been?" in what must only be described as an extraordinary moment of foreshadowing, before going on to threaten Freya, "Who the **** are you?" and preparing to fire one of his many guns. Kaa'Riin dives across in front of Freya, but Dutch is actually shooting at one of the golems behind her. That was close!

Then the girls meet Lewt. He's really nice and very cute.

After mostly defeating the golems, and their many dismantled pieces, and after calling each other some names, the girls watch as giant tentacles launch from the sea and pluck The Harpy's Howl from above the waves.

Episode Two - Lost at Sea: During the fight, a series of important gems are flung free from Dutch's person. The girls are instantly keen to grab them all. The tentacles are also interested, apparently attracted by magic, certainly interested in Kaa'Riin's axe. When Dutch goes overboard, he sees more than just a sea creature. He sees some kind of bluish-purple face attached to it. The face belongs to a yet named being a very powerful one. Only recently freed.

The being, having already empowered it so further through the collection of the soul gems, including the one holding Freya's stepfather, releases Dutch and the ship, temporarily content.

The girls subsequently run the ship aground near a watchtower on Kalee. As they escape, a remaining golem sailor is destroyed by a burst of power from the tower, although it appears to fail or run out of power as it prepares to fire again. The girls, with Lewt and an unconscious Dutch, rush to a nearby Shenanigans Irish Pub to rest. During the night items are stolen from the girl's room and they wake to see two blonde haired girls (Freya's original signature look) escaping to the town centre. While making their way to the town's market to buy Autumn Root and Sniffleshade (ingredients required to help Dutch), the girls are surprised to discover that Morrigan is well known and somewhat feared.

Recognizing the two blonde girls stealing more stuff from the markets, the girls give chase, but not before seeing a portal surrounded by statues, one of which has been destroyed, leaving Morrigan to reach down and lift up the stone form of her own decapitated head.

Despite an excellent chase through the village, the guards managed to capture the thieves first, who subsequently escape by changing genders and playing innocent. The guards ask Morrigan for direction, consolidating the idea that she has great power here.

Episode Three - The seaside village of Bellisan: Returning to Dutch and Lewt, the girls manage to bring the Leonin back to consciousness, and he sets about answering some loosely considered questions. They are interrupted by a sudden attack nearby, a powerful series of explosions, huge, colourful shots of magic hurled from across the sea, or from under it, bombarding the nearby watchtower. They rush to the area with the rest of the village, and Bellisan's mayor, whom they quickly kill without provocation. None whatsoever. Zero.

They steal his hand.

They also display it to the people of the village and think that this is a good idea. Not recognizing that Morrigan is part of the group. The city guards give chase as the girls make a run for the tower, which is under attack. They also think this is a good idea. At the top of the tower, they see a wizard casting spells to protect it but when they reach the door at the entrance, they find they can't get in.

In fact, the door to the tower is a bit of a jerk and won't let them in until they pass some sort of test. The girls employ some feminine wiles, and eventually make their way inside. It takes longer than it should.

Despite being under attack, the insides of the tower are designed to stop intruders and, as such, the girls find it difficult to get to the top of the tower to offer support while overcoming a series of test. The girls also see an assassin climb by the window.

Very foreboding.

Finally, reaching the tower top, the girls almost thwart what appears to be some sort of assassination, but are instead, blamed for it.

Episode Four - All along the watchtower: With the wizard gone, the towers shield quickly falls, and as the tower collapses, the girls rush inside. They see the assassin touch a map left on a table, a map created by a powerful and ultimately confused wizard called the Krujian that takes you "where you need to be". All three girls touch the map.

Morrigan instantly follows the assassin to a new tower, (one already being attacked by ice magic from another tower on a nearby island) where the assassin plans to kill another wizard. Freya is almost transported to her home in the Fortress of the Orchestral Sands, but is yanked back to be of Morrigan at the last moment. Kaa'Riin finds herself in a field surrounded by warped trees that are attacking a bear. The bear is another member of the Kalishtari that is a descendant of those trapped in their shape centuries before. Kaa'Riin helps it escape, but is herself overwhelmed by the trees. Suddenly, roaring down from the mountains, the rest of the Kalishtari Druids also trapped his bears storm in to save her and remind her of her wild shape powers. Kaa'Riin quickly chooses her bear shape.

Coming soon : Episode four concludes...
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